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Event Photographer

Event Photographer

Event PhotographerEvent PhotographerEvent Photographer

Background in still life, commercial advertising and photojournalism.

In the photo industry since 1981...

Weddings & Parties

Weddings and parties

Weddings & Parties




About me...

My very first experience making pictures on my own was in second grade when I brought my father's Brownie camera into school for a class project.   From then I looked for opportunities to photograph my friends.  Sometimes we would create scenarios and put on costumes.  If anyone had a party, I was there with a camera.  It was all about making memories and recording them.   All the while I pursued my fun photo opps with a strict eye for perfection.   

My professional training began in 1981 in large format still life photography at a catalogue publishing company in Miami, photographing retail products ranging from small products on table tops to room sets.  Over the next 20 years included managing a commercial photographer's business, turning his thousands of outtakes into a profitable stock business, coordinating his photo shoots from location search, to casting and editing the final product.  After moving to Manhattan, I represented a still life commercial photographer.

Having grown up with Life magazine and National Geographic I loved spending hours looking at the real world in photo  essays.  This eventually inspired me to work in photojournalism.  Many years were dedicated to editing images of breaking news and creating syndicated photo essays for the prestigious photojournalists of Black Star.  

Throughout my life I looked for any opportunity to shoot events.  Editing photojournalism taught me a priceless lesson: knowing how to disappear and move about in a room full of people enjoying an event, and then capturing their expressions and how they relate to one another.  I love watching people be themselves.

Photography has been my passion for as long as I can remember.  I see and experience life through a lens. 

Photographed by my mother,  
Agnes Lashua

Photographed by my mother,  

Agnes Lashua

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